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href=" official website] by browsing our thrilling wiki. This thrilling success website has some prodound cautions for the inner workings of this viewpoint. This telling Alone for the Holidays? encyclopedia has collected unique suggestions for the reason for this hypothesis. We call it well and boil salted meats with veggies, a boiled dinner. Our clam chowder is white, our baked beans have bread and molasses in them, and no-one in the world has ever invented a food which was improved by the addition of curry. By the time I was eighteen, I could boil a lobster, steam clams and grill a pork chop to perfection. Then I moved to Virginia, found a partner from Vermont and discovered a whole new world of down home country cooking goodness. To an All-American Italian woman from Boston, the menus in restaurants were in a language. Chicken-fried steak, grits, corn pone pudding, strawberry-rhubarb pie special potato pie?? In my head, chicken and steak were two different meats, grits is whats on sandpaper, corn is a vegetable and what in the world is sweet potato doing in a crust? But I became a fervent convert to Southern cooking the first time my roommate constructed a pan of the best, tastiest, many perfectly melt-in-your-mouth de-licious Southern baking powder biscuits and topped them with chicken gravy. From that time o-n, I was Sues disciple, standing at her knee as she diced scallions to make up a mess of pinto beans, stirred the milk into a pot of drippings for milk gravy and rolled thin steak strips in chicken mixture to make chicken-fried steak. Down home southern cooking is no different than New England basic cooking at least at its most basic level. Like all other regional design of cooking, it utilizes the what are abundant and cheap. In New England we gussy up our dry beans with brown sugar and molasses, and provide them with thick, sweet heavy brown bread dotted with raisins excellent fare for cold winter nights. In North Carolina, they simmer for hours with onions and salt pork and served with scallions for gathering and an area of flaky cookies cut-out of cash with a liquid glass. Salty, flaky-good and hot at one time, its a down-home dinner that makes my mouth water just to remember. Address includes further about the meaning behind this concept. Some meals only won't turn, though. There is no New England exchange for a Southern barbecue sandwich shredded pig simmered with spices for hours and ladled over buns in a sandwich that basically takes a fork. The huge poor joe just doesnt cut it. I-t lacks the tang and buttery texture of real slow-simmered pork barbecue. Nor can there be anything that compares with chicken-fried steak a meal that cant be described in words without trying to sell it short. If youve had it, you UNDERSTAND how great it's. If you havent, the notion of dredging and dipping pieces of meat and frying it like chicken just doesnt do justice to it. Wherever I go my New England Italian sources show. Lasagna will always be a well liked meal, and New England boiled dinners still make my mouth water. But I know, deep within my soul, that whenever I head to Heaven, the diners can provide flaky Southern biscuits with sausage gravy and chicken-fried steak. Some temptations even the angels cant avoid..